About Us

World Tree Press was founded with the idea that valuable and classical texts and transformational tools in the field of metaphysics, esoteric knowledge and healing should be made available as part of the development of consciousness occurring in the world today.

The image of the world tree has universal significance and has been used in numerous traditions around the world to symbolize the growth and development of the life force.

The Hindu tradition speaks of the Ashwattha Tree which has its roots above (in the spiritual realm) and its branches and leaves down below (in the world of life and matter within which we live).

The Hebrew Tradition speaks of the Tree of Life, Tiferet, which represents the vital energy of growth and creation.

The Old Testament of the Bible, sacred to both Jews and Christians, speaks of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

The Buddhist tradition honors the Bodhi Tree, since the Buddha, meditating under that tree, gained enlightenment.

The Druid tradition honors and reveres the Tree of Life.

The Native American tradition has its own Sacred Tree.

Even modern culture has recognized the universality of this theme with the sacred tree of souls in the movie “Avatar” , the sacred “White Tree” in the Lord of the Rings, etc.

World Tree Press has adopted the symbol that has universal appeal and understanding for the growth and development of the sacred, esoteric wisdom teachings from around the world.